God’s Word is our lamp

As the 4th of September marked the start of the new church year, it also marked the beginning of the Rooted Children’s Ministry Bible verse memorization challenge. At Rooted,  we regularly teach our students the importance of knowing scripture, and we show our students that we are called to cherish and hide His Word in our hearts.

Paul, writing to Timothy, spoke of scripture as being important in “showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way.” Learning scripture at an early age is essential, even if it isn’t word for word. Children who can begin to know the essence of the verse(s) can begin to apply the ideas and truths to their own lives. If we train our children in the Word, they will be prepared for the spiritual battles the world has waiting.

If we train our children in the Word, they will be prepared for the spiritual battles the world has waiting.

Parents, guardians, siblings, aunts/uncles, whoever: help us teach these precious kids. These children only spend a few hours a week with us, and you have the most time with these children. You may ask, “Where do I even begin with teaching and helping them learn verses?” To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of 100 Bible verses to start with. Some are a few words, some are a few verses. While the challenge is to memorize 50 verses, we encourage you to work on all 100, which is approximately two verses a week.

And yes, we understand that some children have a hard time memorizing. And we also understand that kids can sometimes view memorizing scripture as boring. Here are a few fun and creative ways to help kids learn scripture:

  •  Recite verse(s) using silly voices
  • Sing the verse(s)
  • Write each word on a separate piece of paper and scramble them up. Have a race to see who can place it in order the fastest
  • Use individual word cards (see above) and hide them for a scavenger hunt, then place in order
  • Place the verse(s) in lunch boxes, folders, etc.
  • Post the verse(s) on mirrors, cabinets, refrigerator doors

Click here for the list of verses



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