Not His time

Yesterday, our lesson from Crayons: The Colorful Life of King David was about David wanting to build the temple for the Ark of the Covenant, but God said it wasn’t time. As the kids talked about the story, one looked at me and said:

“Miss Hollie? You know, a lot of things happen that we don’t want. And a lot of things don’t happen that we want to.  But we’ve gotta remember that God is God, and sometimes, it’s just not His time yet.”

God is God.

Wow. I just looked at that precious child and smiled. You are exactly right, dear child. God is God and it’s just not His time.

Many times we become so distracted, so involved in our will, that we forget His.  We put our focus on what we want to happen, that we forget our future has already been decided. We get frustrated when we’ve prayed and prayed yet our wishes aren’t fulfilled.  But we forget to pray for His will to be done.

So today, wherever you are, whatever is going on in your life, remember this.  God, the Creator, the Alpha and the Omega, the I Am, knows exactly what He is doing in your life.  It may be hard, it may seem confusing. But trust Him.  He knows exactly what He is doing.  Pray that He will guide you to where He wants you to be.  Pray that His will be done.

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