VBS Volunteer Training

VBS is just right around the corner and we are so, so excited! With that being said, it is time that we start equipping ourselves to serve this summer!  Continue reading

Are traditions your religion?

Everyone has traditions. From Christmas traditions to daily routines, we always lean to following patterns. But has our relationship with Christ become overshadowed by our traditions?  Are our routines based on Him and His word, or man-made guidelines in order to be “more holy.”  Continue reading

Not His time

Yesterday, our lesson from Crayons: The Colorful Life of King David was about David wanting to build the temple for the Ark of the Covenant, but God said it wasn’t time. As the kids talked about the story, one looked at me and said:

“Miss Hollie? You know, a lot of things happen that we don’t want. And a lot of things don’t happen that we want to.  But we’ve gotta remember that God is God, and sometimes, it’s just not His time yet.”

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